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Our proposal entitled MISSTOW has been accepted for funding under CIP Eco-innovation initiative. The duration of the project will be from 01/08/2011 till 30/07/2014, while the budget is €1,695,129 (EU contribution: 49.68%).

The main goal of this proposal is to build a “Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic WastewaterMISSTOW system and demonstrate its application and replication potential in the market place, mainly for small olive oil mills and wineries. The system consists of newly engineered materials for effective pre-treatment of a wide range of constituents, on-line utilization of an anaerobic digestion bioreactor, for transformation of high loading of organic materials into labile source of nutrients and energy and finally reduction of N, P, COD & BOD to permissible levels for irrigation using portable constructed wetland (CW). The combination of the three systems into one modular mobile system is a novel and innovative solution to an old environmental problem of pollutants with organic materials. To achieve this end, we will demonstrate our innovative pre-treatment technology utilizing fast flocculation and coagulation processes of colloidal particles in the effluent. Further, anaerobic co-digestion process of wastes mixtures will generate Bioenergy, and the liquids will be used for irrigation.


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Eco Innovation

co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative

Project Details

Project full title : Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater
Project acronym : MISSTOW
Contract no. : ECO/10/277241/SI2.599970
Start date of the project : 01/08/2011
Duration : 36 months

Policy Statement

The MISSTOW (Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater) project is co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative.
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