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Project Kick-off Minutes - Patras 23-24 September, 2011



  • Eng. Hadi Naamnaeh – Pelg HaGalil
  • Dr. Hassan Azaizeh; Prof. Uri Marchaim; Prof. Iggy Litaor; Eng. Menashe Levi – MIGAL
  • Ms. Gemma Castejon; Mr. Segio Frutos; Mr. Andreas Lara Guillen -  CETENMA
  • Prof. Michael Kornaros; Maria Zakoura; Dr. Katerina Vavouraki; Georgios Vakakis; George Spyropoulos; Margarita Dareioti  – University of Patras
  • Dr. Nils Reiche - UFZ

The Agenda for the Kick-Off Meeting was sent in advance and is attached herein.

misstowDAY 1 – FRIDAY, 23RD SEPTEMBER 2011

  1. The meeting began at the Patras Science Park with an opening congratulation of Dr. Michael Kornaros on behalf of the University of Patras.
  2. Prof. Uri Marchaim presented the PowerPoint presentation received from the EU Project Officer – Ms. Anita Fassio, with explanations on the requirements from the EC concerning reporting.
  3. We continued with some explanations on WP 1 – the management of the project.
  4. We travelled to the Biogas Pilot Project, lead by Dr. Kornaros, and had 3 hours of discussions concerning the Biogas system which could be fit into the MISSTOW project. We were examining the technological aspects as well as the ecological and commercial requirements.
  5. Dr. Hassan Azaizeh, Eng. Hadi Naamna and Menashe Levi were discussing with Dr. Kornaros many technical issues and possibilities for implementations.
  6. We returned to Patras and we had a dinner with many discussions concerning the project.

misstowDAY 2 – SATURDAY, 24TH SEPTEMBER 2011

  1. The meeting continued at the Patras Science Park.
  2. We discussed in more details the deliverables and "who is doing what", as well as the main activities and who is responsible. In addition
  3. We continued with WP1 – presented by Dr. Kornaros on some issues of technical coordination. We discussed the work-plan for the next 6 months and the milestones of the project.
  4. WP2 was presented by the WP2 leader – CETENMA, and we continued discussions on task 2.1 by Dr. Kornaros on the "State-of the Art Survey". Each region is supposed to submit to UoPa, according to guidelines to be sent by UoPa a short description of the activities of Olive Oil Mills and Wineries. The type of plants (2 or 3 stages) were discussed.
  5. Tasks 2.2-2.3 were presented, concerning regulations, and the way to perform it was discussed. Each region is supposed to submit to MIGAL, according to guidelines to be sent by MIGAL a short description on regulation in their country. MIGAL will present the report on the countries and also a more comprehensive European outlook.
  6. Task 2.4, Financial Initial Analysis, presented by CETENMA, was discussed. It is an enlargement of the materials presented in the proposal, and will be developed further in the project after we have parameters from the pilots and demonstration plant.
  7. Task 2.5, presented by UoPa, is again a more developed presentation to be done after the project has the experimental data.
  8. We had a very long discussion concerning WP3, results of the nanoparticles used by Giora (MIGAL, who was in the US and could not attend the meeting) presented by Dr. Azaizeh, the Biogas component presented in details by Dr. Azaizeh and Dr. Kornaros, with many inputs from Eng. Naamneh, Prof. Marchaim and Eng. Menashe Levi. Dr. Nils Reiche (UFZ) presented the work done at Helmholtz Center, Germany, in developing sensors and analytical tools, and we had a long discussion on some sensors needed.
  9. After the lunch we continued with WP3 – the wetland component of the project, presented by Prof. Litaor.
  10. WP4 – the responsibility of Peleg HaGalil was presented by Eng. Hadi Naamneh and Prof. Uri Marchaim. We had long discussions on the pilots at Greece and Spain and how we will be able to operate them there. We plan to upgrade, if possible, the plant of Dr. Kornaros and will examine the possibilities of the UASB plants that Andreas from CETENMA was involved in.
  11. WP5 – Was also presented by Prof. Marchaim and Eng. Naamneh, and initial ideas were presented.
  12. We had a brief discussion on the ways to develop the exploitation and business plans, headed by UoPa and CETENMA, which will be based on the data of the pilots and demonstration plant.
  13. Regarding WP6 – the dissemination plan, Dr. Kornaros proposed several possibilities for an emblem for the project. Some were more appealing to the participants, but we asked to emphasis the "mobility" of the emblem. Dr. Kornaros will send in the near future some examples. The more preferable emblem was:
  14. We also discussed the structure of the web-site, asking for a simple and easy to use site.
  15. We also had a long discussion on the IPR issues, and the Consortium agreement that was sent to all. All partners were asked to incorporate their interests in order to finalize the agreement.
  16. We discussed the question of the final Conference location. We thought to have it in Murcia, in case we will be able to demonstrate the Mobile MISSTOW there.

Conclusion remarks and things to do:

  • A format for reporting of the research in the next 3 months will be sent by Uri in a week to all researchers for approval, and then it will be sent to all partners.
  • Dr. Kornaros will send a format for the "State of the Art Survey".
  • The first deadline for deliverable is the 6th month (from 1st August) for the State of the Art survey – to be submitted by CETENMA, based on the partners' reports/input.
  • The second deliverable is at month 8th – Regulations, to be submitted by MIGAL.
  • We discussed the logo, examining some possibilities that were presented by UoPa. The mobility component was missing and some suggestions were presented. Dr. Kornaros will soon send a revision of the proposed emblem.
  • CETENMA is responsible for deliverable D.2.3
  • Consortium Agreement will be sent to all by Peleg HaGalil, in order to fill in their parts.
  • All partners will send their remarks concerning the Consortium Agreement. Michael added questions concerning the use of the work after the finalization of the project, if new development will be created.
  • There were discussions concerning the location of the Final Conference and the exhibition. Maybe we will have to organize it when the Olive Oil Mills are operated (and maybe extent a bit the Project duration).  It was proposed to take place during October of the last year.
  • Discussions on the pilot operation, possibilities to transport the mobile system from Israel to Greece and afterwards to Spain for the Final Conference.
  • Iggy suggested publishing a review if possible (Hassan suggested examining last publications). Based on it was proposed to write a review paper to be lead by UoPa and Migal.
  • Uri proposed the possibility to publish the report on the pilot operation to the public, to extent the dissemination and to begin the "marketing".

Reported by Uri Marchaim


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