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Expected Results


Expected and/or achieved results:

  • We will develop a mobile system that can treat the recalcitrant wastes of olive oil mills and wineries in an efficient and feasible system.
  • We will demonstrate its operational feasibility at around 10 olive mills and wineries.
  • We will provide a feasible solution to the serious difficulties of Olive Oil Mills' wastewater.
  • We will provide services to family-owned mills, which are small SMEs and are very hesitating in introducing new (and moreover costly) technologies into their business.
  • Part of the work will be in training SMEs' employees on the use of the proposed system.


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Eco Innovation

co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative

Project Details

Project full title : Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater
Project acronym : MISSTOW
Contract no. : ECO/10/277241/SI2.599970
Start date of the project : 01/08/2011
Duration : 36 months

Policy Statement

The MISSTOW (Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater) project is co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative.
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