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WP1 Management

The objectives of the management work package are:

  • To provide effective management in both vertical and horizontal activities in a timely manner;
  • To create a structure which is both flexible enough to respond to issues that arise but that also provides the backbone for regular interactions so as to minimise the development of unforeseen problems;
  • To provide the technical guidance for achieving the best results in each site;
  • To support each site’s compliance with EU administrative requirements
  • To define the decision rules
  • To establish the communication flow and method

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WP2 System requirements definition and design


  • Ensuring the existing MISSTOW design for operations
  • Determining the prerequisites for the MISSTOW programme for operational service by analysing the business issues within the technical, operational, regulatory, and institutional environment
  • Determining a certification/validation/verification/regulatory roadmap between now and start of marketing, and then determining the split of these between the SMEs, regulatory entities and further research determinations. The roadmap will be used to determine the scope of the MISSTOW, including its infrastructure needs and the prospects for commercialization of the product.
  • Examine a PPP proposal for the implementation phase of the Programme to support the implementation of the MISSTOW project for the market as a solution to pollution.
  • In particular this WP2 is an enabler to maximise the probability of the MISSTOW system to be implemented and what are the pre-requisites for a PPP (SMEs and Regulators) to be negotiated on acceptable terms to the private sector whilst satisfying other stakeholder needs (particularly the environmental regulations).

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WP3 Mobile Integration sustainable system development

WP3 is an engineering stage, in which the existing system will be modified (and improved) for actual operation in the field.  In view of the difficulties in the development of such a complex and tightly integrated system, the subsystems have to be examined first independently and again put together to operate as a coordinated system. Therefore we will:

  • Examine performance indicators of all sub-units and the qualitative and quantitative results of each of the sub-units
  • Examine further the technological components of the MISSTOW system, its actual availability for application and the changes needed for the integrated system
  • Examine further the concept of sustainable development and how it will be achieved in the SMEs
  • Further establish environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development in the rural areas, based on conservation and wise use of the wastes as resources

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WP4 Design, Construction, Verification and Testing of the Pilot Project


  • To test whether the user requirements, which were laid down in the functional specifications, can be satisfied by the developed MISSTOW system. If necessary, recommendations for small changes to the systems can be made.
  • To examine the MISSTOW system in real time with different wastes.
  • To collect data that will enable performing a business analysis.

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WP5 Full test and optimization of MISSTOW system – Large Scale Demonstrations

The objectives of this work package are:

  • To demonstrate that the MISSTOW system is operational according to the planned criterions;
  • To demonstrate odour reduction in the mobility conditions;
  • To aid in the compliance with EU directives on air [and noise] pollution and national-local pollution requirements.

WP6 Exploitation and Business Plan


  • The overall aim of this work package is to define the added value of MISSTOW to SMEs, companies, public authorities, and standardisation bodies. Focus will be both on strategic as on exploitation issues.
  • Strategic issues will include market analysis for the MISSTOW end-products, to identify the barriers to further implementation of the MISSTOW functions, to provide input and advice to standardisation and harmonisation bodies in the pursuit of common procedures and technical solutions based upon MISSTOW outputs.
  • Exploitation issues will include business and exploitation plan, to promote the continuation of further development and marketing of the systems after the end of the project and to aid the spread of the use of the systems.
  • We will examine very thoroughly the markets in the countries that are partners, examine how are the potential customer for full scale MISSTOW plant, as well as who are the customers for receiving services.
  • We will examine the duration of use of a MISSTOW plant (which is modular and mobile) for different wastes and how the use can be made more economical.

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WP7 Dissemination Activities


  • To ensure a European wide dissemination of the project outcomes to main target group of environmental regulators and environment decision-makers as well as to factories and family owned mills and wineries.

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Eco Innovation

co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative

Project Details

Project full title : Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater
Project acronym : MISSTOW
Contract no. : ECO/10/277241/SI2.599970
Start date of the project : 01/08/2011
Duration : 36 months

Policy Statement

The MISSTOW (Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater) project is co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative.
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