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PELEG HAGALIL - The Regional Water & Sewage Company Ltd.

MisstowIsrael, a water scarce country, had embarked on a national campaign to develop all its water resources and to integrate into water resources management strategy - recommends a comprehensive water conservation and efficient use of water by all users. This strategy stressed that treated wastewater is a valuable water resource and focused on the total wastewater treatment and reuse as a national objective, and the exchange of the treated effluent with the farmers' fresh water allocations. In the year 2001 the Israeli parliament passed the Water and Sewage Corporation Law. Peleg HaGalil is a statuotric organization under the supervision of Water Authority and the Water Bureau, to privatize the water and sewage infrastructures.

"Peleg HaGalil" is the central independent corporation in Eastern Galilee, although it is regulated by the Water Authority, which was established in 2008 to operate and manage all water and sewage infrastructure systems.  This cooperation includes a department for water systems management, and it supervises local water and sewage plants. Such an organisation is the necessary solution to solve the serious sewage treatment problems in the Galilee today, and can also be responsible for R&D and future solutions for wastewater treatments, as well as develop equipment and processes for the market. Peleg Hagalil Corporation supplies water to 100,000 residents of Safed; Hatzor Haglilit; Rosh Pina; Gush Halav; Tuba-Zangaria; Sajur; Magar; Yesod Hama'ala; Beit Jan; Rama; Hurfaish; Ilabun and Fasuta.

Peleg HaGalil is one of Israel’s most innovative water companies in the field of water resource management. Its expertise derives from a dedicated team of employees and an innovative approach to support all the 13 municipalities scattered in Eastern-Galilee, Israel. The supplier of Peleg HaGalil water is Mekorot - the National Water Company, which has developed cutting-edge processes that have succeeded in maximizing the utilization of Israel’s water resources, automating its treatment and delivering it to domestic, industrial and agricultural users.  Peleg HaGalil is supplying the water to over 100,000 residents in the 13 municipalities, some small villages and some large towns, all in the mountainous region of the Galilee. Peleg HaGalil solves the problems of high differences between locations (pressure) and security issues of clean water.

Peleg HaGalil enhances the quantity of available water resources by:      

  • Removing contaminations from water sources to prevent their spread into aquifers.
  • Wastewater treatment and reclamation through advanced treatment methods. Peleg HaGalil operates 10 water treatment plants with a daily flow of 20,000 m3 (7 million cubic meters per year). Following treatment, water is routed to pipes for irrigation the agricultural fields in the Galilee.

Peleg HaGalil advance automation technologies which enable it to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of managing its water resources. Its systems include:

  • Advanced communications devices that provide online, real-time information about water quality and water supply, while allowing remote control of vital systems.
  • Technologies for maintaining water security throughout the water supply system.
  • Technologies for optimization of energy utilization.


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Eco Innovation

co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative

Project Details

Project full title : Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater
Project acronym : MISSTOW
Contract no. : ECO/10/277241/SI2.599970
Start date of the project : 01/08/2011
Duration : 36 months

Policy Statement

The MISSTOW (Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater) project is co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative.
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