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MisstowMIGAL (the Hebrew acronym for the Galilee Technology Center) is an applied research institute in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology, environmental sciences and agriculture. The institute is a subsidiary of the Galilee Development Company, located in Kiryat Shmona, the Galilee, Israel, and, through the Northern Research and Development Center, operates a number of agricultural research stations throughout the Galilee.

MIGAL was established in 1979, employs 57 scientists with doctorates, with a total staff of more than 150 researchers, engineers, and graduate. The research in biotechnology, environmental sciences and agriculture is funded by competitive research grants and other sources.  

MisstowMIGAL serves as a focus for the development of relations between science and community in the Galilee. The exposure of the community to scientific endeavor, and the integration of the general public in scientific activity in general, and in life and environmental sciences in particular, serve to create and to strengthen the ties between science and scientists, and the Galilee community.

Raising awareness of scientific issues among the public, and especially among children and youth, contributes to greater accessibility to science and scientific activity, promotes closer contacts between this activity and the public, and encourages involvement among the young people and students of the Galilee in the scientific challenges of the future. MIGAL operates a scientific education center which serves dozens of schools in the Galilee. Thousands of Galilee students take part in workshops, projects, educational trips and additional activities which are directed and supervised by researchers and other MIGAL staff members.

MisstowThe MIGAL researchers serve as members of the Faculty of Science at Tel Hai College. The college is heavily relying on the researchers of MIGAL and has already received accreditation from the Council for Higher Education (CHE) to establish Bachelor of Science degree programs in Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Nutrition and Food Sciences. A new degree in Zo-technology is pending. The college has received an authorization from CHE to grant a Master of Science degree (with thesis) in Biotechnology. Undergraduate students carry out their final projects (equivalent to honorary thesis) under the supervision of MIGAL 's researchers.

MIGAL also has more than 20 students studying for their Ph.D. thesis who conduct their research in cooperation with other universities (Hebrew University, the Weizmann Institute, the Technion, and others). Thus, MIGAL contributes to the enhancement of science instruction at Tel Hai College as well as providing qualified scientific human resources (with advanced degrees) to the entire Israeli economy.

MisstowFacilities of MIGAL (you used MIGAL elsewhere – I think MIGAL is the right way) include 3,500 m2 of state-of-the-art laboratories with sophisticated equipment and services. R&TD projects in ecology, agriculture, water and biotechnology are currently being conducted in following topics:

  • Water usage and management, in quantitative (impact of climate change; natural hazards) and qualitative terms (contamination of ground water systems, preservation of biodiversity, water supply and sanitation systems)
  • Degradation of toxic compounds by free and immobilized micro organisms.
  • Composting urban and agricultural wastes.
  • Anaerobic digestion of animal, industrial and municipal wastes.
  • Fungal enzymes with commercial application in environmental technology.

In addition, MIGAL has 9 Extension Farms for agricultural experiments, sophisticated mushroom incubators and Model experimental and pilot plants in wastewater reclamation.

MisstowMIGAL 's Vision

  • MIGAL - Galilee Technology Center will be a focus of excellence for research cooperation in life sciences, environmental sciences and agriculture and will provide the basis for research activity in northern research centers, including hospitals, industry and colleges.
  • Unique national research infrastructures will be developed in MIGAL, attracting exceptional scientists from universities and other institutions.
  • MIGAL will serve as a regional and national focus of attraction for the development of knowledge based economy in the Galilee. 


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Eco Innovation

co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative

Project Details

Project full title : Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater
Project acronym : MISSTOW
Contract no. : ECO/10/277241/SI2.599970
Start date of the project : 01/08/2011
Duration : 36 months

Policy Statement

The MISSTOW (Mobile Integrated Sustainable System for Treatment of Organic Wastewater) project is co-funded under the CIP Eco-innovation initiative.
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